WV APA 2020 Annual Membership Meeting

The WV Chapter of the American Planning Association will hold its Chapter-wide Annual Membership Meeting on Wednesday December 2, 2020 at 1 pm via Zoom. The log-in information was distributed to members using the Listserv (It is listed on the attachment with the agenda). If you did not receive that message, please email Jennifer Brockman, AICP, the interim chapter president.

The primary purpose of this meeting is to consider and vote on the proposed revisions to the bylaws. Article VIII “Amendments” of the current bylaws requires that amendments to the by-laws “may be made by a vote of two-thirds of the voting members present at any annual meeting of the Chapter, or at any special meeting with a quorum, when the proposed amendment has been set forth in the notice of such meeting. Such notice must be given at least thirty days prior to any meeting. Amendments may also be made by a majority vote of those eligible members responding to a mail ballot.”

The e-mail sent to the Listserv (and this post) serve as the 30 days’ notice for the meeting. The proposed bylaws changes are posted elsewhere on this website and are available at the link below.

There will also be discussion on status of the leadership transition, opportunities for others to volunteer and participate, and making plans for a visioning and goal setting meeting for the Chapter in 2021.

We hope that many of you will be able to participate in this remote meeting and look forward to hearing from you then.

For more information, visit http://www.wvplanning.com/2020.09.25 WV APA Chapter Bylaws Draft_cleanversion_Proposed.pdf

posted on 11-04-2020 by Dougherty

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