Weddings, Wine, and Wagon Rides:
Land Use Issues in Agritourism

The increasing popularity of corn mazes, wineries, barn weddings, and similar activities throughout the country can raise a number of issues at the local level. Concerns related to agritourism include traffic, parking, noise, lighting, and sanitation. Planners are often at the forefront of land use discussions relating to agritourism and should have a working knowledge of potential issues and ways to address community concerns. Planners should also preemptively think about how issues related to agritourism could arise in the future.

This session highlights contemporary issues related to agritourism and ways that some communities attempt to balance multiple interests in their community.

The one-hour session will be Tuesday, September 7 at 12 noon via Zoom. Registration is free but is required. 1CM will be offered for AICP members (and has already been approved).

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posted on 08-19-2021 by Dougherty

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